At Helenco S.A., our primary goal is to exploit all waste and our ideal objective is to achieve “ZERO WASTE”. Waste management is equivalent to the use and production of alternate energy sources. The strategy, the policy, the objectives and the actions of our company are to adopt an alternative model for managing all waste in a contemporary and environmentally friendly way, thus offering the best environmental solution and meeting all the requirements of our clients.


Having vast experience in the management of municipal waste, our company offers an integrated municipal waste management system which includes the implementation of programs to optimize the collection, the reduction of discarded waste and the recycling of the separated materials. Advanced methods and the most modern technological equipment are used, thus offering solutions adapted to the needs of our clients.


Helenco S.A. manages integrated waste transfer stations transporting, storing and processing solid waste for final processing.


Animal by-products are divided into categories according to their risk factor. They are defined as products of animal origin or other products obtained from animals not intended for human consumption. For Helenco S.A., the management of these products are processes according to comprehensive community health regulations, which pertain to the collection, the transport, the processing, the marketing of these products or their rejection according to their category. Our company has all the necessary know-how and knowledge to completely manage animal by-products.


Our company offers a comprehensive management of food waste for which it provides viable solutions. Taking into account that food waste is the largest source of waste, its management is based on their energy use, by converting them into green energy. This way the following is achieved:  The conversion of our trash into energy (electricity, heat, biofuels, etc.)

The drastic reduction of the volume of waste going into landfills.

The improvement of environmental protection.


Our company undertakes the collection and management of expired food, especially taking into account that the equipment which the company possesses caters to all types of food production nationwide. Expired food is processed, recycled and converted into energy sources.


Medical waste is divided into categories according to their type and their risk factor. Having taken into account the complexity and the risk of this type of waste, our company specializes in the integrated management in compliance with strict regulatory protocols, thus making us more than able to manage medical waste in all Health units in the country.