Helenco S.A., by offering innovative solutions, is more than capable to systematically and comprehensively maintain your facilities and industrial sites by providing comprehensive management services of all types of waste; green maintenance, specialized cleaning services by applying green and efficient practices, all resulting in cost-effective, quality, time saving and optimization of your plant’s efficiency.


Each one of our clients constitutes a special project for us and the client’s needs are taken into account in order to propose custom-made solutions specific to its needs. A comprehensive waste management is provided, which is mainly based on the use of waste in the production of alternative energy sources thus, offering the best environmental solution.

The Materials Recycling Facilities (M.R.F.) are facilities, where a combination of mechanical methods are used for manual sorting, separating them into groups of materials which come from a common recyclable source. Then, the materials undergo a qualitative upgrading and are packaged according to each material, thus they are able to achieve the quality required for their reuse.  

The Plant of Mechanical Recycling and Composting (P.M.R.C.) waste, is a modern factory processing and recycling unit of mixed urban waste, which when in operation, contributes to achieving national goals for recycling. Its construction was carried out with financing from the Community Support Framework.


Our company provides all services related to the integrated management of greenery and in landscaping by implementing green practices based on energy efficiency standards. We undertake urban and rural green areas regardless of their acreage.


Our company offers specialized and high-level cleaning .The company's staff is highly experienced and capable with years of experience and undergo continuous training and, coupled with our innovative expertise, we guarantee the highest quality of the services we offer to industrial facilities, sewage networks and to the environment with our specialized beach cleaning. Our goal is to restore the environment to its original form and minimize its pollution thus contributing to the ecological restoration.


Our goal is the integrated management of liquid residues and biological sludge by applying and identifying the requirements of national and European environmental legislation. Considering that liquid waste is connected with potential risks to public health and the environment, methods have been developed for their immediate, effective and safe management.


Helenco S.A. undertakes the recycling of machines in industrial areas as well as industrial products.  It specializes in the collection, sorting and transporting  them to certified organizations and using them as raw material for the production of alternative energy sources..


Our company offers complete marine management and conservation by applying high quality management systems and environmental protection by cleaning the sea and land areas, applying antipollution practices, managing all waste with the collection, sorting, transporting and processing of said waste.