Helenco S.A. is a rapidly growing company specializing in the waste management sector. We aim to maintain our constant growth by expanding into new sectors, as we expand geographically into more dynamic markets exachanging and complementing our expertise. The foundations of Helenco S.A. have been established according to the principles of our business and set us apart, acting as a guide to our activities.

Our collaborations with major Greek companies demonstrate our commitment to the contribution of the development of Greek industry and the creation of infrastructures for the future. Throughout the course of our development, we have invested in non-profit organizations and specifically in improving the environmental performance of our colleagues and the reduction of harmful effects on the environment.

The presence of Helenco S.A. in the Greek market constitutes a long-term prospect. We want to make use of the country’s resources including raw materials, technology and human resources in order to meet both the internal needs of the market, and to promote industrial solutions and products in Europe.

Business excellence and development as determined by moral values, social responsibility and environmental protection are principles of the company. Our projects are driven mainly by corporate social responsibility, which is a key parameter, not only as a business model but also in respect of the social environment of Greece. As the human factor plays a very important and leading role we intend to keep this factor valuable. This is the main reason why we want to maintain an open and interactive door of communication with the local and international public. Our main responsibility, namely, the protection of the environment, together with the human factor, are the key elements of Helenco S.A.’s moral values.

In closing, we want to maintain a high position, not only in Greece’s competitive environment, but also amongst the public.